And May They All Be

by Vignettes

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released April 14, 2014

Scott Reisher - Vocals
Rich Giustiniani - Guitar, Bass
Rachel Strassberg - Drums

Recorded at Sabella Studios in Roslyn Heights, NY
Mixed at Upper Spire Sound

Special thanks: Willie Jefferys, Mike Abballe, Scott Miller, The Save Garrett Lambert Foundation, and 8th Grade Mike.



all rights reserved


Vignettes New York

We play the musics.

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Track Name: Selfless Addiction
This institution is a sanctuary for those who play dead
Locked up and chastised, consent for these high walls
That hold insanity with us

Barbed-wire lies withhold progress unending
Forfeit the future, now it's all FUBAR
This fight will not solve a thing
Just reveal them for what they are
Monsters who feed on innocence

Search lights and trackers with touch screens
The latest fashion disguises the shepherd
All neatly tagged, coded, and archived
For later usage, the truth is abusive

Nothing is real, just entertainment
Advertising agendas as content
They're selling protection they can't provide
Just 10 easy payments of humanity

You will pay for these lies some day
There will be no mercy
You can't buy your way out of this
We're not for sale anymore
Greed will be purged from your cold hands
And we will rebel

Our will is not to be bought or sold
You can't afford it
It'll cost your fucking life

They put actors on the payroll
Now they're in your heart and in your head
Grasp hold of our fears and play us
Follow the money to your selfless addiction

It will cost your wretched life
It will cost your wretched fucking lives
Track Name: Safer With Strangers
I'm not a rich guy and I'm not poor
Don't run from consequence and I don't hide
They organize lies, manufacture fear
Decide to oppose, fight just for game

This is a war now, you've made is so
We're all a witness, I'm not your foe


Force-fed with a silver spoon
Choke on dismay
You are responsible for this
Reap what you sow

Irony surrounds this pitiful display
It makes me sick

There is no 99 we are just one voice
There is no 99 we're in this altogether

You're not a martyr, you're nothing real
Just play the victim and you will fall
Your faction's slipping and all your clones
No one's your enemy, at least I'm not

Let's end this war now, we've had enough of it
You're just an eyesore to those care

I'm safer with strangers you're just a joke
I'm safer with strangers you'll doom us all

We're not alone in this world
You are alone in this fight
We're not alone in this world
Your fight is already lost
Track Name: Champagne Enema
I meant to ask you - now that our time's gone
Two years I won't get back, was it worth your time?

I've burned my bridges and used the ashes
To make the ink to write you letters
That say "fuck you"

I'm leaving scars in the wake of my path
I'll zealous to be sure that you suffer

Once fond memories you gave to me
These memories are now my cross to bare
I see you clearly now
You're everything you told me not to be
This is what you took from me

And I'm not angry, I'm barely even alive
No I'm angry, I'm not angry

Lived up to your name that you were somber
When you squandered what you had
When you lost it all

There's no blood on my hands
Just the filth from your skin
I gave you diamonds to match the tears in your eyes
Track Name: Eschaton, America Pt. 2
Behind the numbness of false solace
Hearts slit and severed somehow beat altogether

Among the chaos one voice can be heard
Crying out for humanity so we stop and listen

It's a lot to process
Some refuse the call
The rest of us will take up arms
And what stop til we die or win

You made our choices for us
We didn't ask for this
You've lost control of everything
Now it's all falling down around you

Don't call this a revolution, this is the end.

Reprieve is not in your future
You will pay for your crimes against progress
This is the end

My mind is made up
I may not be stable
We're all out of option
And all out of patience

We take to the streets to take you out
We take to the streets and we've got the numbers

Drop to your knees and pray to the gods you've created
and destroyed in your selfish endeavors
We are the ghosts of your past that you've abandoned
We'll burn everything evil and wicked

Run away - there's nowhere to hide

This is how it has to be
I never meant to be violent
This is all you've created
Track Name: Heavens To Betsy (Vanna Cover)
Let's run like kids at play, hold our breath
Until our hearts stop beating

Let my last breath be something I hold dear

God damn!

Something I hold to myself
Keep locked away inside
Tried my best
But is it enough?

I tried my best, is it enough?

Hold your breath, is it enough?